Celebrate your mum

It’s only once a year, so spoil your Mum this Mother’s Day.

Maybe you’d like to go ‘off-piste’ and ditch the traditional chocolates or flowers. Here’s our top ten list of ‘unusual’ gifts for Mum’s who like to do things differently.

1: Gym Membership – You’d like her to stick around for a long time so make sure she keeps fit and healthy.

2: Gin Tasting – Look, she brought you up, so she probably needs a stiff drink!

3: Entertainment – How about a show or trip to the theatre? Even the cinema would be a nice evening out – just make sure you throw in the pop-corn.

4: Chocolate Making – Instead of just handing over a box of Milk Tray, send her on a hands-on course. Hotel Chocolat do courses with a slurp of champers.

5: A David Austin Rose – Award winning rose specialists, they’ll send a boxed up rose, ready to plant. It will last longer than a bunch of flowers and always be a reminder of what a great son or daughter you are.

6: Magazine Subscription – The gift that keeps on giving – an annual subscription to her favourite publication. Please don’t make it about you though. She probably won’t appreciate Anglers’ Review.

7: Zorbing – This one’s for the really intrepid Mum but definitely one she’ll remember.

8: Cookery Classes – You might risk some backlash here, suggesting that she needs lessons but you could also reap the benefits next time she invites you for dinner.

9: National Trust Membership: Or any other organisation that means she’ll get out and about with the chance to visit some of Britain’s heritage sites.

10: Paints and a Canvas: Encourage her to create (another) masterpiece. Could she ever improve on you?

Even if you choose to send a card and a smile, here’s to Mum’s everywhere.

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