Bridge Homes Property Developer - Wakefield Yorkshire - GDPR

Subject Matter of the processing:

The analysis of customer data in relation to Bridge Homes developments. For example, understanding the distances travelled by buyers to visit the development site.

Full customer information is collected by Bridge Homes’ employees and provided to Our Agency as mapped document where individuals are anonymous.

Only postcodes may be provided for further marketing analysis but not family names or email addresses. It would not be possible to contact the data subjects with the information Our Agency receives.

Duration of the processing:

Information is only relevant to each development and data will be delated once the site has been fully sold. A conservative estimate lifespan is 2 years, after which any collected postcodes will be removed from our secure server. We anticipate Bridge Homes’ joint venture manager will advise us when this can take place.

Nature and purposes of the processing:

The type of data received by Our Agency will relate only to the postcode location of customers visiting individual developments. No detailed information (house or street numbers) will be supplied to Our Agency. Neither will names of customers enquiring about Bridge Homes properties.

In order to map travelling distances of enquirers, we will receive their current residential postcode and a map showing the relative distances to each development. This will allow us to place signage and media appropriately in order to spend the marketing budget effectively.

We will also receive information relating the house type customers are interested in (for example, 3 bed properties). This will allow us to determine the ratio of ‘enquiries to purchases’ (for example, a property may be listed 10 times before a reservation is made). This data is particularly helpful when buying quantities of collateral and avoids under/over spend on brochures and marketing material.

No personal data (DOB, addresses, emails) will be supplied to Our Agency.

Type of Data Subject:

No sensitive or personal data will be supplied or collected by Our Agency.

Categories of Data Subject:

Customers of Bridge Homes and people making enquiries about the developments will supply some personal information directly to the Sales Staff (employed by Bridge Homes). None of this personal information will be accessible to Our Agency. We will receive anonymised data re: postcodes and hose type enquiry only.

The information is supplied as a mapped document and stored on a secure server at our office.

No one outside of the Our Agency business has access to the server. We employ encrypted anti-virus software to protect our files and only Lanie Green (Director) has access to any files that are backed up as part of our daily/weekly electronic data recovery process. Files that are automatically backed up will also be automatically be deleted as part of the ‘removal of files after the project lifespan has elapsed’.

No files will be transferred to archive servers.

Plan for the return and destruction of the data once processing is complete UNLESS requirement under union or member state law to preserve that type of data:

The electronic data is stored on a secure server sited at Our Agency offices, which are alarmed and only accessible by staff key holders.

Data relating to Bridge Homes’ customers (as described above) is stored in files which are password protected and only accessible to the directors, Ian Winterbottom and Lanie Green.  Data will remain stored electronically for the duration of the project, development by development or determined by the client. Data will be deleted after the lifespan of the development or on instruction by the client (Bridge Homes), which ever is the sooner.

Data may be retained for a period after the development lifespan if instructed by the client (Bridge Homes) and for the purposes of marketing wash up meetings or site comparison. However, it’s likely that only the analytic outcomes of the data will be necessary for such meetings, not the postcodes. Therefore this would only be in exceptional circumstances and thereafter subject to deletion as per normal routine on client instruction.

In the event of the client (Bridge Homes) ceasing to exist as a business or as a result of changes in management structure that would potentially impact on the normal sequence of ‘instruction to delete files’, Our Agency would delate all files after a 6 months period, unless otherwise advised.