Have a Contemporary Christmas

It’s easy to go crazy and spend a fortune on decorations at Christmas, turning your home into a riot of colour. But what if the traditional festive red and green palette isn’t your cup of mulled wine? Or what if you simply don’t have the space to put a huge tree and loads of baubles?

Get creative with space saving ideas. Painted MDF board cut into a tree shape and placed against a wall is just as effective as a big spruce. Add lights to match your interiors, boutique hotel style.

Following a single colour scheme can create a modern, classic look that blends with your decor, rather than clashing with it. Simply placing a few, carefully chosen decorations around will show you’ve got into the Christmas spirit without losing your sense of style.

Keep colours and materials simple: a sprayed branch or simple wreath made from fresh herbs will provide a superb wintry atmosphere and smell nice too!

Share your Christmas decorations with us, we’d love to see how you celebrate the season.

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