• Settling into your new home: Moving in

    We hope that your move went smoothly and you’re now relaxed and enjoying your new Bridge Home.

  • Settling into your new home: Utility Bills

    Upon moving into your new home, the starting meter readings for all utilities will be noted on the Handover Certificate.

  • Settling into your new home: ‘Running in’ your new home

    Your new home is a product of many different materials. Many of these are natural materials require your care and attention.

  • External Features: Solar Panels

    In addition to any planning permissions and other legal requirements, we’ll also need to give approval for the change.

  • External Features: Roof

    Most new homes come with a roof made from tiles or slate, placed on top of a waterproof, breathable layer to keep your home dry.

  • External Features: Windows & Doors

    All doors and windows comply with Part Q of the building regulations, which requires a set standard of security.

  • Your Neighbourhood: Becoming part of the community

    Understanding your responsibilities as a resident is an important part of this journey.

  • Your Neighbourhood: Restrictions & Convenants

    Your new home’s deeds might have some rules about what you’re allowed or not allowed to do with your house and land.

  • External Features: Garages

    Lots of our homes come with either integral or detached garages. Fortunately, garages don’t need much maintenance, but here are a few things to remember.