Turn the heating off, Spring has sprung…

You might not believe it, what with all that snow and the ‘beast from the east’, but it’s officially Spring!

We’ve got families moving into their new homes at ThornesGate throughout March and April so they’ll definitely be busy arranging furniture and unpacking. As they settle in, the rest of us are thinking about the Big Spring Clean. We’ve no idea why so many people feel the need to have a deep clean right now; it’s probably something to do with shaking off the winter cobwebs and letting the light in.

Whatever the reason, we know plenty of you will be putting on the rubber gloves and giving your home some added sparkle.
We thought we’d share some of our top cleaning tips and we’d love to hear your best cleaning cheats. Send us your personal favourites and the most ingenious suggestion will win a cleaning hamper, containing eco-friendly products and cloths.

We love:

  • Use equal parts of hot water and distilled vinegar and buff with newspaper – a traditional
technique to guarantee crystal clear panes.
  • Vinegar and baking soda, mixed to a paste and applied to the oven and left for 30 mins then just wipe off for a gleaming result.
  • Red wine spills are easily removed by pouring lots of salt directly onto the spill (for big puddles, soak lightly with kitchen roll first). Leave the salt to absorb the liquid then vacuum off.
  • Chewing gum on textiles? pop in the fridge until the gum is hard, it’s easier to pick off.

Happy scrubbing!

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